Broker Agent Referrals

Expand your prospect list, close more deals faster & make more money! 

 Brokers are Welcomed and Protected.

Loan officers and Mortgage Brokers

Refer your Investment Property Loans to us and you can earn up to 2 Points on each deal.

Top performing real estate agents realize that if a buyer is not a true cash buyer and cannot obtain financing to purchase a property then the buyer will not be able to close on the deal. As a result, most residential agents have developed excellent working relationships with various lenders.

In today’s environment, a substantial percentage of homes sales are to investors who plan to either rent or fix and resell (flip) the property. Traditional lenders will not finance investors but WE WILL!

Expand your buyer pool and give your current buyers the ability to leverage their capital investment by utilizing financing from Center Street Lending. With leverage, your investor buyers will be able to purchase 3-4 homes with the same amount of equity as one all cash purchase.

Call Rob now at 303-521-7622 if you have a property or client that might be a fit for one of our lending programs. Center Street Lending is the most reliable direct lender financing residential investors. We close deals quickly, frequently within 2-3 days from start to funding.

We also offer attractive referral programs for agents and brokers.

Expand your prospect list, close more deals faster and make more money! Call Center Street Lending now or email for more information.