Long Term Rental Property Loans

Need leverage on your investment property?

If you own one or more of the 14 million income-producing rental homes in the US and, like most, are holding all-cash, we should talk. Whether you want cash out or leverage to expand your holdings, look no further.

Competitive rates. No bank hassle.

Pre-qualify by telling us about the income you earn from your rental property. Then we just need an appraisal and we’re good to go. Close in a matter of days, and enjoy a simple and reliable process along the way.


  • What is a Rental Loan?

    A Rental Loan is a medium-term loan for a single income-producing rental investment property. It is underwritten primarily against the property value and the cash flow of the property itself, with less emphasis put on traditional credit factors.

  • Who needs this kind of loan?

    This loan is tailored towards the small operators who have one or a small number of rental properties that are successfully producing cash flows sufficient to pay a mortgage. These operators might be holding all cash and want to buy more or could be financing the properties with bridge financing and are looking to refinance to more permanent capital.

  • How are you better than alternatives?

    We combine a simple process, reliable terms, and excellent execution, even down to the single-asset level. While many large private equity firms who do Portfolio Loans market their “single-asset” programs, they aren’t optimized to handle the borrower who has one or a few properties. With us, you can rest assured that requirements will be simple, you’ll close in days, and we’ll find you the best rate possible using our advanced technology platform. And, if you buy another and want to come back for a second loan, no problem. Your information is saved and your next loan will be even faster.

  • What states are you lending in?

    We can currently finance Rental Loans in ALL States except – Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii, Minnesota, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota,and Utah

  • What’s the process to get a loan from you?

    The process is simple, fast, and reliable.

  • Property Income

    Your loan’s underwriting process is based on property cash flow, not your personal DTI.

    Competitive Rates

    Say goodbye to higher rates with our Rental Loan program.

    Simple Process

    • Property Types:   SFR’s, 2-4 Unit, Condos, Townhomes and PUD’s
    • Transaction Types:  Purchase | Refinance | Cash Out
    • Interest Rates: Fixed 30 Year starting @ 6.69% | ARM’s starting @ 5.99%
    • Loan Amount: Up to $2,000,000 (minimum of $60,000)
    • Loan to Value: up to 80% Loan-to-Value
    • Closing Process: 7 to 10 Business Days
    • NO Income Verification – Asset Based Loans
    • Loan Term: 30 Year Fixed or 3, 5 or 7 Year ARM’s
    • Origination Fee:  1.49 to 3.49 Points ( NO Upfront Fees)
    • Appraisal Fee:  $450 for SFR | $550 for 2 to 4 Units

    Other loans available :  Fix/Flip Rehab Loans, Investor Line of Credit, Construction Loans on Vacant Land.


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